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Learn More About Anger Management

​Anger is a normal human emotion that is managed in a healthy way by most people.  However, anger can become uncontrollable when it’s managed poorly. When anger gets out of control it can be destructive, and often leads to problems, with relationships, employment, and the law, and usually diminishes the peaceful flow of life.

Anger can be managed successfully by learning various techniques that have helped others to reduce and overcome the devastating effects of uncontrolled anger. I can help you learn these techniques so you can develop better ways to manage this emotion. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that are listed below, you could benefit from anger management counseling.  I can help you develop new skills to have better control of your anger as I’ve helped others with this problem.  Make an appointment now to learn more about your anger management treatment options, in order to help reduce the anger problems you are experiencing.

Common symptoms of anger:

  • Often ponders aggressive acts of violence.

  • Frequently become confrontational and violent.

  • Engages in road rage; A driver who yells, screams, and curses at other drivers.

  • Frequently experiences negative thoughts.

  • Often feels misunderstood and feels like no one understands them.

  • Acts out in violence first, without thinking of the consequences.

  • Engaging in domestic violence towards family members.

  • Breaks or destroys objects when they become angry or frustrated

  • Becomes extremely angry over little things.

  • Uses violence and screaming to control others and force them to submit

  • Becomes easily frustrated with other people, and often does not share or agree with the opinion of others.

  • Drinks alcoholic and loses self-control resulting in uncontrollable anger.

  • Never feels fully satisfied with anything that they have, and constantly blames others   for their own problems.

  • Has had problems on the job with co-workers and getting angry over following rules.

  • Easily loses relationships due to anger.

  • Refuses to admit that they have an anger problem that is out of control and needs help.


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